Jason Nardella


Jason Nardella graduated from Concordia University with a Major in Film Animation. With the help of the National Film Board’s Filmmaker assistance program, he completed his first 10 minute short, “A Walk in the Park”, combining live-action and Stop-Motion puppet animation on 16mm. He prefers an old-school approach to filmmaking and enjoys using Super 8, Bolex cameras, optical printers and animation cameras.  He created a super 8 short featuring himself skateboarding, down the deserted streets of Westmount, surrounded by the wonderful colors of autumn.  He has worked on several films in various departments, and contributed his stop-motion animation skills on several music videos. Shot and edited by Jason, “Alternative Grind” was created as a reforestation movie demo, to generate interest for 78 Days.



Companies he planted for : 

1. Arbour (1 season)

2. Outland (1 season)

3. Wilderness (1week)

4. Natural Borders (10 days)

5. Bruin ( 1/2 season)

6. Next Generation (1 season)

7. Wildwoods (9 seasons)


For more informations contact : Jason@78days.ca

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