As one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs in Canada, tree-planters deal with some extreme living and working conditions. Days of baking 40 Celsius heat and suffocating stagnant air can suddenly change to subzero temperatures and snow-covered tents. Tree planting is an undeniably unique Canadian experience. This type of isolated piecework attracts a particular kind of personality. Many of those who commit to this intensive 3-6 month ordeal, often do so as a means to sustain a highly active lifestyle, spending their time pursuing the activities they love.



Tree planting

In 2008, Wildwoods Reforestation relied on a very experienced crew to complete the daunting task of planting over 10 million trees in a 15 week period. This was an intense ordeal that involved helicopters, adventures in floating swamp machines, endless flooded mud roads, sudden windstorms, bears, a constant bombardment of insects, etc. The majority of those employed were veterans with several seasons of tree planting experience.

Context of the shooting

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